Saturday, 15 August 2015

Stratum Foundation Repair: The Best Service in the Fort Worth Area

If living in the Fort Worth area, and you find yourself needing home foundational repair or inspection, Stratum Foundation Repair has you covered.

Stratum operates on 3 principles: steel, standard, and strength. For Stratum Foundation Repair, the foundational system start with meeting standards and then exceeding expectations. All concrete foundations are reinforced with steel to provide the strength necessary to uphold the weight of the house. Having a proper foundation makes the difference between a prospering house built to last years compared to a newly built, condemned house; because a bad foundation will inevitably destroy a home.

They address the major causes of foundational issues: poor drainage, clay soil (which expands and creates gaps and move the home over time), having tree roots near the home, persistent seasonal weather changes affecting the soil, and under-slab leaks in the plumbing line. To meet these ends, Stratum provides advice on creating consistent watering to avoid damage from seasonal variations, as well as pointing out problematic drainage areas, as well as root barriers for trees within 20 feet of the house (at $750 per tree), and by providing a post leak test for every foundation repair to prevent under-slab leaks.

They provide three services: S1, S2, and S3, with S1 being the more basic package and S3 being the most comprehensive. S1 uses high-strength concrete and has a lifetime transferrable warranty at $350. S2 goes 50% deeper than S1, including a starter rod at the top, and a no-cost transferrable warranty for $450. Lastly, the S3 consists of steel piers and a no-cost transferrable warranty for $550.
They also provide routine maintenance on the foundation, flowerbeds, sidewalks, gutters, and slope away from the home.

They provide excellent customer service. Within a few second of visiting their website, a chat window is open, allowing any potential customers to chat directly with workers. This Fort Worth foundation repair businessalso has seven locations around Texas to meet the needs of the community.

Overall, Stratum Foundation Repair is a phenomenal options for all your foundational needs. Between their affordable options, quality repair and maintenance, and their top-notch customer service, they are the best foundation repair business in the Fort Worth area.

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